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Sensei Wu

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Sensei Wu is a Ninjago minifigure released in January of 2011 within seven sets, two video games, and a film. He was the the profile photograph of the Ninjago product page in 2011 but was replaced with Kai ZX.


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Background EditEdit

He is the younger brother of Lord Garmadon whom he defeated in battle over the four golden weapons of Spinjitzu. After defeating his brother, he hid each of the weapons and had a dragon of the corresponding element guard each one. He then created a map and gave it to Kai's father to safe guard for him in case he died before the weapons required collecting. He can be harsh on his students but when it comes down to it Sensei Wu is just about the bravest warrior there is. He was defeated by Samukai who thus collected all four golden weapons creating a portal in Lord Garmadon's throne room. Garmadon escaped through the portal claiming that he would soon return. Description EditEdit

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Sensei WuEdit

Weapon of choice: Wisdom (and Staff)
Elemental color: All (balanced)
Strength: Power of Creation

Sensei Wu is a wise, old Spinjitzu Master. How old is he? Only his brother, the evil Lord Garmadon knows, and I'm not gonna ask him.

Their father created Ninjago, and to help protect it, Wu is training four young ninjas in Spinjitzu. He is very strong… sometimes he strikes with his staff, other times, he uses his wisdom.

Notes EditEdit

  • He appeared with black robes in LEGO Battles: Ninjago.
  • He is voiced by Paul Dobson, who did the voice for Whenua in the second and third BIONICLE movies. He later voiced Rattla in season two episode Rise of the Snakes.
  • Sensei Wu's black robes have symbols that protect him from evil. They aided him in defeating Lord Garmadon.
  • His nephew is Lloyd Garmadon.
  • An online variant of him is a white version of his black kimono.

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Regular Black robed version Microfigure 2012 Variation

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